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When our weakness gonna help us then why not our strengths?

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. Knowing ourselves is the first thing we need to do when we get into corporate lives. Here is my views on strength and weakness……….have a read.

From the time I have started schooling I hardly remember a teacher who didn’t had a word about my handwriting. It all started from 2nd standard. As till that time every one of us was busy learning how letters and alphabets would be and it’s representations. After that I got an awesome response to my handwriting.  Many even told mine as the worst they have seen in their entire life. And they even said it’s very hard to pass SSLC with the kind of calligraphic talent I had. I tried my best to make mine as the “best- it didn’t” then to “Good- it too didn’t” then had to negotiate with bad and worse. Even though after writing thousand pages of copywriting it stayed the same as before. For some years I used to enjoy the publicity all though it was in a negative way. After that many around me started understanding my writings rather than complaining. It made my life little better.

Handwriting-It still remains one of my weaknesses from past 15 years. Being as a part my life it had even made me feel happy sometimes as well.

Following is an instance in which my handwriting became my strength to handle the situation…

It was just 5 days we had been to Madhya Pradesh Navodaya (JNV BoHANI). As part of the routine there ragging had begun with me and Prathap being called to senior’s room. We didn’t know what they were calling for??  Only thing we knew was there’s goanna be a work. One among them gave us a new record book and a Biology textbook with instructing us to write few pages of them in the record. Thinking that we are going write neatly and he can fetch good marks in record from the same. I tried my best to convey that I don’t have the best of the handwriting. But they didn’t believe saying “we have heard your names being spoken by couple of teachers surely you both are goanna have good handwriting”. In spite of arguing we left the room as I knew clearly that he is going to have an experience of my talent within few days. Mine was bad I decided it to make it even bad and the result turned out to be the worst.

After some days..

I was happily having roti at the Mess. Many came in search of saying “I had been called by the senior with my biology notes immediately”. Within a span 2 Rotis over seven came and told the same. I knew the exact reason and took my notes and walked towards his room with head held high. I moved till his room entrance as a hero. Later my body actions resembled a comedy actor bending my back fearing to their huge physiques. He snatched my notebook and saw the unique scripts of mine and got to know my talent (late realization). Finally he came to know my hard work and dedication in the field of calligraphy. Then he shouted at me saying why didn’t you tell that day only? After some useless conversation he handed his record to me saying “I’ll get a new record you only keep this ..!! “. After this incident none of them gave me anything to write throughout my stay there. They kept concentrating on others for completing their records. My weakness had turned out to become my strength there.

This story wasn’t meant promote my experience or my earlier life. It was just meant to say” The strength of a person is often weighed by how they deal with their weaknesses” .

It’s better to adapt to our own weakness if it doesn’t get better after so many attempts. So that it allows us to improve our strengths and achieving something great in the field which suits us. Moreover weakness doesn’t over shadows thousands of your strengths if do adapt and continue rather than struggling to overcome a single weakness.

The most common thing we do while heading up to interview is to prepare for the questions regarding our strengths and weakness. We do often don’t tell the truth to interviewers by saying “poor at lying” and “taking responsibility” as our weaknesses to impress them. It’s the best thing we could do as truth has preferably lost its value between increasing Gold and Silver Rates. And to talk about strengths “the most googled sentences about strengths becomes ours in minutes and gets our own touch. Its part and parcel of life as we do it to survive among the best. But to succeed we need to recognize both our strength and weakness. Weakness needs to be treated and strength needs to be appreciated. Both of them together define our lives. Giving much importance to our strengths makes us successful despite of many weak points.

Who asks sachin questions about technology and APJ abdul Kalam about cricket. Isn’t ??.

I need to thank the person who discovered this print media and digitalized it otherwise no one would have read my articles if it had been in my own handwriting…..

thanks for reading

ramanujan ……….\raam/



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