Sourav Ganguly-the sportpersonality i admire the most


Once again ganguly takes front foot and hits the ball out of the park……these were the days I started to watch cricket, think cricket and dream cricket.

…..many years back…once upon a time in birur

Using the best glue (fevicol) I had pasted a poster of ganguly in my room. It was an off field photo of him in which he wore a blue shirt and jeans with his spectacles. I had got it as a birthday gift from my neighbor. She knew that I like dada a lot and she had picked it up and gave me when she came back from her college. At that age nothing would have been a better gift than this one for me.

After around two years……….. Later

I was out of the town for holidays for a month. The entire house was painted newly. The painter was informed to remove the poster safely but he has failed to do it. It was really difficult for a 10 year old boy accept the fact that his hero has been thrown out of his home. I was completely upset with the incident occurred. My family members knew exactly how much I was attached to that poster. They had got the right thing to convince me- a match of India the very same day. Ganguly was walking with sadagopan ramesh to open the innings. I was made to sit in front of TV saying “don’t worry we will get a new poster of the great sourav ganguly”. In fact it was the first time they had pronounced his name correctly. I forgot everything watching him play. I have seen thousands of ganguly’s photos till now but not the one I had pasted in my room.

I was just enjoying watching sourav play in the field. I was glued to TV whenever he is on the field. I was getting disappointed when I see him get out early, that day would be a bad one for me too. I was seeing myself in him when he used to play in the field. His passion, aggression, determination and self-confidence which he had while playing impressed me a lot. I used to try his square cuts and pull shots while playing but couldn’t last more than 5 to 6 balls.

I still remember days of defending him while arguing with friends when he was out of the team INDIA.Moreover than cricket greats like kumble,sachin,sourav,laxman,dravid and sehwag have taught the human values and done a great job of being a role model for the youngsters.

Till date I like dada and support him because the pride and passion with which he plays and carries. He taught the team to play like a team, he brought in d players d attitude 2 win n showed d world that India has d capability 2 win overseas He is a true champion, he built the team and incorporated the attitude of winning in MEN IN BLUE.

Hoping this time in IPL4 we can see dada lifting the trophy!!!!!

DADA ROCKSS……..forever @#@#@#@# one day i will meet him for sure….

ramanujan ……….\raam/



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Learn to smile,learn to laugh and live better!!

According to WHO statistics, one person commits suicide every 40 seconds. Suicide rates all over the world have increased by 5- 62% in the last two decades.  Hardly any country is immune to this disease. What’s disturbing is that more young people are killing themselves than ever before.

Suicide news has become most of all the common news we hear daily. Most of all many students commit suicides after hearing their results. We need to understand that if and only one fails then only the other can be called pass. Failure means you are just down not dead. Give a harder punch to your work; to make it better you will certainly get desired results. Even the pioneers of IT industry-Steve jobs and bill gates are drop outs from college. Marks only never make a good and successful human being. Thrust of life and hungriness towards success only can make a person successful. Some hang themselves because of love failures and some because of financial failures. There is a solution for each and every problem. Keep yourselves busy in finding the solution rather than thinking of dying. Just think of it once-“if you are at the age of 10 and your loved one had left your school what you would do??”

We would have gone to our mom and sit in front of her crying and tell I lost one of my good friends isn’t??

Same way go near your loved ones and explain everything. There is always a person in every one’s life who can wipe our tears. It’s better to shed tears than to sacrifice life. It’s better to be a child sometimes which helps us in big time.

People who don’t have eyes, ears and legs are living with high standards than us. They do know what exactly life is and importance of struggling and winning. One of my uncles is blind from his childhood. I just asked him once don’t you regret yourselves for losing your eyes while playing. He replied “am blessed by god with more imagination power than anyone of you. I can imagine only of good things and joy even in the worst situations, not everyone is blessed with this power”.

I really don’t know why some don’t understand what exactly life is-“it’s more than what we dream, what we think, what we experience, what we do, what we admire, what we speak, what we read, what we imagine, what we see, what we hear and what we analyze”.

“Learn to smile, learn to laugh, learn to scream and learn to live”. Always keep smiling it will take your sorrow out. Try to change your mentality when you are down. Smiles in the toughest of toughest situations make you a perfect man.  Apologize for your wrong acts/misconduct to others and moreover apologize yourself for your failures. It helps in getting better and better in your life.

Stop thinking about the words people around spill on you. Just think of you and people depended on you. You have got a small amount of time to spend, remove the unnecessary thoughts and unwanted emotions. There are many persons depended on you and shedding their life as oil to light your lamp. Be loyal to the persons who stood by in most difficult situations. If you think you are not eligible to live for yourselves, live for the people who love you.

You are no one to kill yourselves it’s a more than a crime…..

I do know am not a successful person to pick up a topic like this and advice some around. But I haven’t sacrificed or tried to get out of life for silly reasons so I did wrote this.

……Understand life and start living better!!

Please stop committing suicides…!!

Thanks for reading

ramanujan………. \raam/


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Indian football and the movie Invictus!!

Tuesday, Dec 2nd 2014

From morning whole of INDIA especially the football fans were glued to TV and tensed like young aspirants waiting for the exam results. It does include me as well in the list. I was checking internet and TV updates regularly from morning but no news yet.

01.45pm Breaking news…….. I was in a restaurant to have my lunch. There was an absolute pin drop silence like in an empty parliament house and everyone was focused on the TV at the corner. Even the waiter had forgotten the orders we made and was deeply involved in watching TV. A live press conference from Delhi, the sports minister Rahul Gandhi was in centre of attraction.  He was smiling with a letter in his hand and sitting beside him was the AIFF president anil malhotra. He started to speak-“I am very glad to inform all the media people and people of our country that the beautiful country have won the bid to host the beautiful game in 2026. It will be the 23rd edition of fifa world cup”……..he continued with answering the media officials.

Everyone around me had started jumping and shouting like a kid which had a won a race for the first time. I too got excited and we had decided to party hard tonight. Finally waiter came near us asked-“what did you order sir, can you do it once again please”??

Many were thinking to book the tickets now itself. I just remembered them its 12 years later not just 12 months.



12 years later

This time there’s was neither shout outs in the parliament about the organizing committee nor in the media. Everything was planned in an absolute superb way. Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi and sports minister sachin pilot were the men who took the entire responsibility.

For the first time in history Indian football team had got more attention and focus than the cricket team. Even though it had qualified for 2022 world cup but was unable to reach the round of 16. The excitement was due to the victory of Indian team in recent Asian cup under the new coach zidane. He was more concentrated into practicing than to media avoiding unnecessary controversories. The former France captain was the perfect person to the subcontinent conditions. He had coached various international clubs including Liverpool and Barcelona from 2012 to 2023.He had full confidence in team that it would certainly progress till quarterfinals. Thereafter it depends on the courage and will power of the players. The organizing committee head Rahul Gandhi had made himself available in India for next two months. These days he was more into football than into political issues. Regularly he used to visit the practicing sessions of Indian football team and motivate them.

Monday, June 8th 2026

The world cup kicked off by a brilliant opening ceremony in New Delhi. The theme song was a huge hit and it had composed by three great musicians-A R Rehman, Eminem and Amit trivedi. It also included performances by some of the greats across the globe. India was in group A which also included Germany, Chile and Cameron.

First match was between India and Chile. The stadium was completely packed up as expected. Which included all the celebrities of bollywood and many of the politicians were present to witness the beauty of soccer. In the most dramatic match ever referee managed to show red cards twice. List included our midfielder pankaj Singh followed by a fellow from Chile. Finally in the 85th min jignesh Patel scored a goal which took us to the first victory. Second was against Germany it witnessed a hopeless performance from our boys. As a result we lost it 3-0, some media had started calling few of the players a demon whom they had called god few days ago. The third match was against the low profile Swiss team and we were short of a victory to reach the round of 16. A draw was also would have helped which was under the condition that Chile has to lose to Germany. The match was one of the boring matches of this world cup which included a lone goal and it was a self goal from the Swiss men. The result was 1-0 it took India to round 16 for the first time in history and the players had got their titles back from demons to god.

Excitement about the next match against Uruguay was sky high.            It was more than normal to me as I had booked the tickets to the match to be held in Bangalore. The high profile Uruguay team had a good blend of youth and experience unlike us which had got only the young inexperienced ones. Captain Mukesh mishra and zidane had a press conference in which they said “we are confident of winning against the men from Uruguay”. It made me sure that tickets in my hands will not go end up worthless. The match was one of best I have ever seen it went on till the penalty shootout and the brilliant effort by the goal key sandeep we won by 5-4. Sandeep was a regular goal key of Chelsea football club from past two years. It took me a complete 24 hrs to come out of the nervousness, excitement I had in the stadium.

Rahul Gandhi was in almost all of the matches of the world cup.  Both After and before the match he used to have a chat with mukesh and zidane regularly which the news channels made as their exclusives news reports.

The next match was after a long one and half week gap and it was against Portugal. The only concern of the men in blue was the injury of the defender debashish. A new guy named salman was all set to wear the shoes of debashish and make an international debut. No one was on their seats all throughout the match, everyone was shouting and screaming chak de India….!!!! The match resulted in 2-0 courtesy a double strike from the captain mukesh. In style the underdogs of the tournament were in semis. The next one was against all time favorites Brazil, which was all set to rock the floor. India football fans had supported the samba boys in many of the world cups. But this time the story was little different we had our own men to cheer, support and follow. Many of the players from the Brazilian team were idols even for many of our players. But game is all depends about the performance in just 90 minutes. The match had resulted in the favor of men in blue in the extra time.

The things here had changed a lot due to the entry of India to the big finals of WC. The view of kids enjoying soccer on the streets overthrowing the popularity of Cricket was common. The Indian football team members had crowned new heroes surpassing film actors and cricketers.

The final was against France. It had a proper mixture of star strikers and responsible defenders. Moreover they had got the brilliance of 2025 fifa player of the year William abagnale. He was the front candidate to win the gold shoe.

July 7th-2026

The much anticipated and awaited final had begun with an early goal at the 5th min by French men. Our players had their moments but couldn’t capitalize it. Till the 78th min it was 1-0, there came salman scoring his first of the tournament. Which resulted in the extra time, thereafter it was an equal effort by both the teams. Finally penalty shootout was set to decide the champs of 2026. Unfortunately it resulted in the favor of French men. The only man who didn’t scored for India during penalty was the main striker jignesh. He was upset and went to dressing room with wiping the tears. During the post match ceremony captain mukesh thanked all Indian people for their support and love. He also thanked the prime minister and the sports minister sachin pilot for their efforts in bringing fifa world cup to India.


…………it was almost 10th time I had given my alarm to snooze. Finally woke up and 7.25 was the time. Realized am still in 2010 not 2026.

Newspaper headlines- another cwg scandal broke out in the parliament.

Due to the corrupt politicians and irresponsible committee heads of our country we are struggling to host an event like commonwealth games and being citizens we are dreaming of hosting big events like FIFA wc and OLYMPICs…

Will it be a dream forever?? It remains answerless….!!

ramanujan………. \raam/


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Admire goodness no matter where it resides!!!!!!

We always look up at celebrities or famous people and say “I like him and want to lead a life like him”…….because all we admire are the persons who have got fame and name. Am little concerned about this “why don’t we admire people around us who are good enough to be admired”?? .In fact many are way ahead in many ways but they lack in opportunities to prove themselves. Also ego problems play a major role here which stops us to admire some of them.

Always small things are ignored even though it carries greatness. We got toadmire the goodness no matter where it resides. The person carrying nobleness may be a small kid or matured old man of 80 years it doesn’t matter-goodness means the same everywhere!!


Friday, 5.00pm                                                                                                                     Decoding was in progress ”transltr” was working 24hrs to collect information but failed to fetch results as required. National Security Agency code breaking machine had encountered a mysterious code it can’t break. Head of NSA Strathmore was upset over the same. The mysterious code named “DIGITAL FORTRESS” and was created by suspended NSA employee ‘ensei tankado’.

Dan brown was at his best in explaining each and every bit of NSA in his novel “digital fortress”. A sudden break from the driver took me directly from NSA to B.H.Road in the span of microseconds. I was on my way back home for a two days leave. The driver had got down to sip on coffee. I went near a shop to have a sprite or a Pepsi as it was still hot which didn’t allow me to take a cup of coffee. I was having my drink and looking around to figure out where exactly we are now. A small boy of around 8 years old came near me and started starring at me. He seemed to be like a local guy there, he was wearing a shirt which had caught mud all over. His dress confirmed me that he is back from playing something in the ground. I went near him and offered him a drink and some chocolates. He refused both and started to speak “who want to drink a liquid which earlier proved to be containing pesticide content”. I got astonished by the awareness and amount of knowledge he had got in that age. I convinced him that it had proved earlier but now it’s pure and certified by health department of our country. Earlier it was a mistake and now all the things are clear and now there’s no harm in drinking it. I showed him the ISI mark and assuring him that it’s certified from govt of INDIA. After thinking for two long minutes he nodded as though he was answering his class teacher. He agreed with me saying that his family doctor too drink those and so does his neighbors. When I was about to ask about him and his family which I was curious to know but he interrupted me asking” don’t you like INDIA “ by keeping his finger crossed over his face. His eyes were wide open to see what will be my reply.

I replied him with intense enthusiasm-I am a proud INDIAN it’s my mother country I like it…….

But again Interrupting me he put up a query- then why don’t you people help INDIANS with drinking coconut water or sugarcane juice or at least nimbu pani which earn revenues for our farmers. You people only want to improve the improved multinational companies but not our own farmers???

I went on listening and seeing the expressions on the face of young aspiring lad. He was determined what to say no matter who is speaking with. I was astonished by the young guy who has matured par above his age. I couldn’t speak as much as I was experiencing something great which I had never experienced earlier. It’s not common I shut my mouth in a conversation listening to others. But he was special, only one thing was in my mind-‘guys like him are going to make my country proud in the upcoming days’. In fact everyone knows about what he’s talking but we don’t implement that. I threw the bottle in my hand. I assured him in the upcoming days I will certainly help my fellow mates of my country by offering my help wherever possible. Smiles crossed all over his face I was curious to know who taught all these things in such a small age. He told his mom teaches daily about all these things and she is a teacher in practice & his dad is a farmer.

His parents should be really proud of him. In that age we were just thinking of playing, watching cricket, cartoons on TV and enjoying the childhood. His concern levels were beyond his maturity. Bus was about to start I went back to my seat waving my hand to him, he shouted loudly “bro meet me when am 20years old” I will be taller than what am now. I knew he will not only be taller but he will be on top in many aspects.

That kid was really special!!!!!!

I started admiring him….he was not less than any of the old heads who are matured enough by their experience but this kid was way ahead than them in many ways!!!

ramanujan………. \raam/


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come on bowl!!

These days due to IPL and WT20…we scream cricket and dream cricket..…it has become a part of our rountine!!!! So I thought of writing a bit on it!!! Here it comes…..

I was studying my 9th std in madhya pradesh…..been named as the heart of India………I think I was in one of its arteries….doing something good inside the Blood!!!!!!

Come Lets go straight to………………..

JNV Bohani,gadarvara,narsinghpur(dist),Madhya pradesh                                            The cricket selection committee is always blamed first for losing matches,but there it was a good bunch of selectors making the call.

Some of us were picked for the housewise cricket match,thanks to all karnataka players who were playing  for the national team at that time.There was a strong belief  in all northern parts of our country that the best cricketers of INDIA come from karnataka(but unfortunately srikanth don’t  realise this!!).Although many of us didn’t featured in any of the leather matches earlier eventhough we had played it in nets. Many of us were picked in different teams according to their groups.  We had to play for two reasons-One being  to enjoy playing cricket the other due to the fear we had in our seniors,all of them had a physique like professional wrestlers….great khalissss!!.Being aware of what would result if we don’t agree,everyone started to occupy the field for practicing .

Among three of us in our house,two were selected to play. Our captain came to us and made it clear that they are lacking a part time bowlerand asked us can we fill that spot??.He gave us ball and signed to bowl and show what we have got. First came pradeep took his long run up and bowled. It was miles away from the stumps,dew factor had a  role to play so the ball had slipped from his hands.

He got a reply from the ones who were just standing aside and commenting but worth for nothing-tu humko marvayega re……saale side me aah..!!

Then came my chance I thought better I would remove some pace so that it will atleast avoid  the rewards pradeep got.

I took a short run up as a spinner(ball didn’t turned though),as no one was at crease it was straight into the stumps!!!

Sunday,the day we had our match,opposite team won the toss and elected to bat.I have made to stand in slip(the safest place),pradeep being more athletic than me was at the boundry.1st over 3wickets 4runs,then next over a catch to slip it was very easy one still i put up dive to get that and everyone came near me and complimented me(karbonn kamaal catch!),even the PET sir too.I thought it wasn’t a good catch as I was  getting compliments.I thought of reminding the people around me that I have taken the catch of a guy named kapil not kapil dev but didn’t do that. After 5overs they were all out for 18,it’s a matter that they didn’t  batted well not that we bowled well.Next match was a tough one against a strong side,we were preparing  for that.

The match started-the openers had a huge reputation in the cricket history of that ground.Our bowlers got hit into all parts of the ground by the openers, they were smashing the ball very hard.After 6 overs captain signed me to take the ball and bowl.I asked him thrice- are you calling me???

He shouted like the villains of 90’s…..come on bowl!!!

Only one thing was in mind that’s not allow the player to hit beyond the park which will fetch him a DLF maximum!!. Already score was near 60s,they looked aggressive like haydos and sehwags. I tossed the ball up in air like a proffesional spinner to create some fear in the batsmen mind….but actually It was the other way around. With fear in mind (remembering my heroes dada, srinath& jumbo!!) I rotated my arms and it was a dot one .It had turned a little bit(it was because of the pitch not because of the spinner handling the ball) .Next ball he hit that really  hard and it was sailing over the boundary but caught in the deep!!!.I had plucked the first wicket of the match which was almost a six. Obviously the pressure of wicket has blessed me creating pressure on batsmen. After 3dot balls I bowled a straight one,batsmen thought it would turn it didn’t …. Straight Into stumps…..bowled!!!. Seniors came near me and gave me a hug and they were proud of me.I was just looking at them and thinking  was these guys made us to clean their rooms last night!!.

The next over I conceded only two runs and a wicket making my figures-3 for 2.I thought atleast we didn’t spoiled the fame karnataka has got here.While chasing we crumbled and didn’t even go near the target,we lost it quite comfortably. I wasn’t expecting too much for my performances from them only a excuse from the next ragging sessions….thats all !!but it didn’t fetch me anything.

The next league match was a decider,I was moved to boundary areas removing me from slips.The worst thing  about your good performances is people expect a lot  from you.The captain thought  that I will do a brilliant  bit of works in the covers. But the batsmens were clearing the fences and I got a little to field in which I crumbled and so did pradeep.All seniors were looking at both of us that we were making more mistakes than them,but actually it was not the case there.We lost that match too….out of the tournament. I didn’t wanted  to spoil that first match performance so I never bowled there in the next competetions getting a excuse as injured – I can’t bowl take me as a batsmen!!!!!!

ramanujan………. \raam/


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Life has to move on!!!!


Me too………

My watch was displaying  time 4.15 November 6th-2006 it was  a Monday evening I was just out of my chemistry class (2ND PU), heading  towards mess to have a cup of coffee. We were discussing about the upcoming  preboard exams.I had a look around something was wrong with me ,my mind wasn’t certainly clear.Then suddenly my mind filled up with my aunt’s face,she was not well in the past month.Immediately i skipped the sports session, Praying to god for the best i walked towards  telephone booth. I rang to my home-no one received,then to my uncle,,,… he was in deep pain he didn’t  react to me and hung up the phone.I came to know that something is wrong,then I rang to my dad he confirmed me that she is no more.Suddenly I got call from my grandma and grandpa telling seriously that don’t come now here. As they got to know that i got the information which they eventually wanted to hide from me as i could not be able back to normal life after hearing this news .They informed she left us early in the morning and the death ceremony was over.I was very deeply attached to my aunt  in the recent past.After hearing the news my mind turned completely blank ,tears started to roll down.I went towards  hostel and opened the room.I got over my bed trying in controlling my emotions, but failed to control myself .

I tried to recollect those precious moments spent with her.She was more than a companion to me,a friend,and a mentor  to me in every walks of my life. She had taught me everything in life,how to live and live life with high thoughts. She was one of the most humorous characters i have seen in my life. She was a mentor to all of our family members including my mom,uncle, to everyone. She wanted everyone to live happily and with the right spirit of life.

Most precious moments spent with her was  in St john hospital kormangla bangalore(2005-april),she was ill and getting treatment for the same. Eventhough she was ill she used to smile 24hrs,cracking jokes throught the day. No tv,no friends nothing with a empty room with my aunt and a taperecoreder with a single cassete of shankarabharanam(the  film she had seen around 25times ).After my 10th board exams i have come directly here despite enjoying my holidays in birur,as being here with my aunt  and serving her was something special.

Daily my sister,my mom,uncle,dad and our relatives used to visit the hospital. But at the end of the day only me and my aunt. She used tell me stories,jokes and practical aspects of life.We had a routine of  regular walk in the morning  and followed by doctor check ups . The remaining part of the day was just to spend time in hospital.

Nurse treating my aunt was not knowing that we too speak tamil. She use to regret the job of being nurse and used to show the anger towards patients in tamil,and smiling as though she is conveying  something good. Two days went the same continued , my aunt has ordered me to keep quiet and not to react to nurse . The next morning when we came for regular checkup as usual and we started to conversation in tamil  and nurse heard that got astonished and with a great sigh of anxiety and fear asked loudly “aunty you know tamil”??????

She came towards us and she apologised to my aunt for whatever happened.(my aunt was one who wanted to teach lessons to others practically  as she was a teacher in earlier days of her life )

We used to spend time by roaming the whole campus of  St john hospital,although being in hospital is very tough.My aunt had made me to laugh whole day by imitating her past stories of her school and childhood days.She wanted everyone to be happy throughout the life no matter what happens.

The common thing about the persons who are fat is they compare themselves to others surrounding them.The same was with my aunt ,she wanted to know how she look.  If I used to tease that in the recent days you have been very fat,only one answer i  got from her was-“ i resembled bhavya(kannada actress) in nee barade kadambari (starring vishuvardan-she was a great fan of him) in the past. Nowadays i have become little fat that’s all”!!!!

But being in hospital was irritating to her,although she never used to express that.She had a single dream in mind,that her daughter want to become a big lawyer as her husband was.She was willing to help others although she knows that would put her in trouble(many have  done that still her attitude didn’t altered).After the treatment in the hospital she lived with us till nov5th 2006, ……………………………………………,,,,time was 6.10,my companions came and woke me up and they had come to know that my aunt  is  no more and they wanted me to come out of that,they tried to convince me.Then I  got dressed and went straight to my regular maths class at 6.30(I remembered the words of my aunt whatever happens life has to move on).

From that day I see my aunt in people who make me laugh !!!!!!!!!and in myself sometimes only sometimes!!…………When I do make someone laugh.

MISS My Aunt(dodamma) still now the name “manjula” fetches back memories of her.

“What ever happens life has to move on ”

thanks for reading

ramanujan………. \raam/


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DDLJ-My first movie on big dyanora

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