Everlasting LAST bench memories

After almost 12 months my blog is getting updated. Thank you for your lovely messages, emails and phone calls for my absence. It means a lot to me. As I was little busy in so called corporate life couldn’t make time to write.

Around five years ago when I stepped in “Namma Bengaluru” to do my engineering. By that time this city has become an integral part of my life.

Engineering days was one of the best days of my life. I spent it being lazy, being uncertain, being curious and most of all being happy. Here come my wonderful experiences I had in those 4 beautiful years.

September 3rd 2007

My first of engineering I was with a lot of excitement, adrenaline rushes and curiosity. It was a new start to me as I was just out of my boarding school after seven long years. New place, new people, and different environment, everything was new.

It was a cloudy morning and my watch displayed 6.45 am. Sun looked dull as if he was equally lazy as me. In middle of majestic bus stop I was anxiously waiting for 226N bus. Finally got into the bus with lots of struggle, with lot of people around what we call in Standard English as crowd.  Indeed practically understanding why Darwin had come up with “struggle to existence” theory. Coming from a small town whose population is half of the population of a Bangalore single area. I had been to Bangalore lot many times before but never lived here for more than a month. So I couldn’t get to see that much of Bangalore in those times. After an hour or so I reached Kumbalgodu, place where my college “Don Bosco Institute Of Technology” was situated. At that time many used to think it doesn’t belong to Bangalore only Forest Gumps live there. But nowadays people who watch the movie Forest Gump live there meant it’s developed a lot now.

It was 8.00, the only day of my engineering life when I had been so early to college. Mine was ‘F’ section, first period CCP. A lady came inside and started to teach CCP. As normal my instinct of speaking to strangers got me going. I asked the guy beside me.

“What’s she’s teaching”. He replied saying ”Dude its CCP”.  Again I asked” What does that mean?”  He replied “Dude something called Computer Concepts and Programming and related stuffs I think”.  But he probably he missed out that I asked what exactly dude mean. Luckily he thought the other way around. There begun my transition from a small town boy to a guy of metropolitan city. We started to know each other started to depend on each other in other words we became friends.

The melodrama of internals, externals, theory and labs all started with in a blink of eyes. In First semester, aim was to get good marks. Then it went to get at least FCD, then first class and finally just pass. Thirty five was indeed a magical number we used to always keep an eye on. VTU was the only horror word that kept everyone nervous no matter where ever you are in.

Bunking was one of the most popular words following movies and NFS most wanted. Classrooms with people around 35 used to fetch attendance for at least 50 with an advanced feature called proxy. We used to be always busy in classrooms with multitalented attributes like chatting on cell with left hand, taking down the lectures in between from the other hand, continuously chit chatting among ourselves and acting as if we are listening to the lecture sincerely. Who says people who do multiple things at a time don’t succeed?? Didn’t we?

In between Microcontrollers, microprocessors and field theories, we created our own theories during exams. Getting a seat at the most prestigious last bench with full of pencil sketches was an achievement. It was the noted place as every question from lecturer used to strike there.

Years rolled on, attending fests, roaming around Bangalore, night outs before the day of exam became the most common of things. From Orkut to Facebook   everything changed. We attended classes once in a while when a feel of fear of getting detained due to low attendance used to cover our minds.

“From Next semester ill study properly” was the most common resolution around, which did remain in an imaginary world.  Hiding monthly marks cards, proving that AB is not absent but it’s a grade used to take lot of effort and acting.

Most of all I was very Lazy in those four fun filled years. Because engineering is in a way inspires the same. My mom being a teacher herself says I am very lazy and she haven’t seen anyone lazy like me in her entire career. I hear records are always broken but this one is still intact with me.

We scold and curse our College but at the end we miss it. As we have witnessed unforgettable experiences there. But now it’s all just memories.

In all of four years I learnt a lot from my friends. And from some good lecturers, as only few were inspiring and motivating. I owe a lot to everyone in one or the other way.

Especially I thank my best buddies who realized me that everyone can do something special. Even my act of writing blogs started there. I remember sending my first blog post to my friends, asking them is it good or can I write. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible.

Enjoy your moments because the same will never come back whether you spend it being happy or sad.

I dedicate this post to all my best pals.

Ramanujan  \raam/



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8 responses to “Everlasting LAST bench memories

  1. Heather


    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


  2. shamahu

    We cared, we shared, we departed… memories followd… and they are for lifetime 🙂
    was a good rea ram 🙂

  3. praveen

    Firstly , Yea , real long time since I heard from you . Nice work this time ” Dude”. I’m glad that I was part those memories spent . Keep blogging .

  4. Raghavendra N

    rama very good again….ur writing is absolutely true & clear as usual ..u just represented us..keep writing da…;)

  5. sachin

    nice lo ram, brought back all those sweet memories of engineering in your blog, miss students life! 😦

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