Be kind, Be polite and Be human….!!

5.25 am

The coldness was par above to describe and for a man who wakes up too early on a full moon day it’s very very tough. It’s one of those mornings when I think I am getting too lazy and see myself gained two more kilograms of weight. This leads me making a resolution of getting up early and jog in the morning. To be honest it doesn’t last more than couple of days from the day resolution made. As I was fully determined this time my mind was suggesting me to run but my body didn’t due to the cold weather.  Still respecting my mind’s orders gave a brisk start to my run up. Saw a bunch of old men who were walking in and around the park. After their little bit of hard work in their 100m walk they sat up on a bench in the park. Fortunately I stood nearby them doing my so called lazy exercises. They were very happy and were discussing a topic of their childhood. They were laughing loud remembering their good old days. I didn’t hear what exactly they were speaking. But listened to some in between when I used to relax after my exercises. The old man in the middle looked like a retired mathematics professor. Appeared little like the character of “John Nash” which Russell Crowe played in “The beautiful mind”. He got little emotional and started speaking “I am very happy with my life so far and I had all the experiences. Got love from people around and I lived my life the way I liked it . But my son didn’t understand that I was a good dad too. I loved him and when I started being proud for having such a son. He said that I don’t fit in his style of high living so he is not living with us anymore. Is this what I destined to be for making him a good man and a good citizen”? His friends started to console him saying it’s exactly what life is.  And they began with stating their own statements of life. I heard some of them, learnt some new things and took my way back.

Sending the parents to old aged homes have become a trend and what’s more disturbing is in a recent survey shows people who send their parents to old age homes have increased dramatically. And many stay away from their parents even though they stay in the same locality.

It disturbed me a lot. I had lived my most of years with my grandparents. In fact to be honest till today am more attached to my grandma and grandpa.  How can there be man who doesn’t bless his son with the love of his grandparents. A kid expects a person who is patient enough to be with to answer his stupid questions. He expects someone to interestingly listen to his boring pencil/toy stories from his school. A Father is the busiest person in the home he can’t fill it and mom’s busy convincing everyone. It has to be the old heads in the house.

A man/woman really gets his rebirth when he/she becomes a dad/mom. They spend their entire career to provide a life to their kids. Their dreams change from “I will become” to “my son/daughter will become”. Then when they get old they need to look at a photograph sitting in an old age home and say he used to be with us, he used to call me dad, he was my son.

If your parents doesn’t reside with you or away from you. Who will teach your children how to be patient?  To love in the face of anger, and to develop compassion, gentleness, and respect for old people. Who will tell them stories, and spend time talking to them, holding their hand, laughing and joking with them. How they will learn that death and dying is a natural part of life and living, and that sometimes we lose ourselves in the process. Most of all who will teach your children what life is in a gentle way, that you learnt it from your grandparents and parents.

Please stop sending your parents to old aged homes. Revert back the love in their old age that your parents showed towards you in your young age.

Don’t spend all your life just earning a piece of paper to gain comfort. It’s necessary but without your parents who made you what you are today, money will be of no use. Gain the comfort of love through gentleness. Respect your parents, love your parents.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Respect old people, Be kind, Be polite and Be human.

  I heartily thank my readers for their phone calls, messages and emails for being absent for a while in my blogging site. It means me a lot. I will keep on blogging, I was busy and lazy just like one of you.

ramanujan ……….\raam/



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4 responses to “Be kind, Be polite and Be human….!!


    good one raam… keep blogging, you are good at it & keep jogging, you are in need of it.

  2. maga wher hav u been this days…? Heart touching blog maga… super likes…………

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