My Resolution for new year 2011

We are all looking forward for a wonderful year to fulfill our dreams. Let’s utilize this precious moment to build ourselves and make necessary changes which are necessary in life to be on top.

Whenever we are looking forward to a New Year only two things will be stuck in our mind. Obviously they are parties and resolutions. As we all know we are not considering the latter one as important as the first one. The solution is not just making a resolution it’s about fulfilling it completely without any compromise. The perfect solution is to analyze ourselves about the weakness and strong aspects we have. And based on the results of them let’s make resolutions accordingly. No matter what the time says or day says you are the only person responsible for your success all others play an anchor role that’s all.

Below here my words speak about a resolution….hope it helps any one of you !!

Whenever I try to recollect those beautiful memories of my childhood I only get some major incidents and moments which were special. What really I miss is those kiddish moments when I used to think having a hero pen was as great as having a Porsche Car. The pride I used to carry while carrying a hero pen and all these moments are remembered only after scratching my cerebrum for long time but still I don’t get the mentality I used to be and state of my mind in my childhood. When I was around 12 years of age I thought taking up writing diary as a New Year resolution. But it didn’t last for more than 3 to 4 days. After Jan 5th resolution was broken and was thinking to take up this the coming year as a resolution. This continued for so many years. But this time it will not remain as just a resolution but it would be a part of my routine. I need all you people to join in and take up writing diary as a resolution.

As we all know life is live each and every moment and enjoy it. No one stays here more than 100years let’s make the time worth and moment we lived worthy as well. A page daily about our day in diary marks our steps of life. When you look back and see after some years it will be a worth read. You can recollect your sad, happy and precious moments. Moreover we find our way of thinking and taking things around is different from time to time. Memories are precious we need to preserve it. We only build our life style according our career requirements in between which we forget to live our life. We may find watching a BMW exciting in some of the age and years later owning it becomes common when you earn enough money. To enjoy all these precious moments take a resolution of writing a page of diary daily. Which also improves your memory power and makes you think of the things occurred twice which gives you a brighter insight towards some sensible matters.

Am starting to write a page for a day it’s one of my resolutions for 2011. Hope you people too join and take this resolution and make our lives memorable.

A Happy new year to all my readers…..thanks for your fantabulous support in 2010 hope it continues in 2011 as well.

ramanujan ……….\raam/



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6 responses to “My Resolution for new year 2011

  1. nagaraj dr

    Good work raam…!

  2. sachin

    A nice blog to inaugrate the year 2011, keep going ley rama ….

  3. Kiran. C

    Nice one dude….our support will always be there
    keep going

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