We have abilities not disabilities

This article is about an incident occurred in Bangalore recently. I heard the incident and learnt a lot from it. Hope you people too like it and learn from it. Even though I was not a part of the incident I will narrate it in my own style……..

It was a normal Sunday but memorable for many of the people around. The annual sports day of a school is always filled with excitement and enthusiasm. The similar condition was here and parents were excited more than children. The enjoyment was par above all ages even the people in 60s were jumping by seeing their kids’ performances. Every kid got an equal amount of support whether he wins or loses. Here it was a bit strange as participation was considered as a victory. Unlike in some places where we see winning and losing as DO OR DIE.

Till afternoon the field events and group games were held.      At 4pm running events kicked off with girls 100m. The next was boys 100m, infact it was considered as the main event. It was the last event of the evening. The race started with a whistle and waving flag.  At the midpoint a guy fell off due an obstacle from a stone.

In normal cases what happen??? The guy whose is in the front wins the race and come with others and shake the hands with the fellow whose was down and consolidate him right..

But here it didn’t happen.

As soon as the guy fell down everyone in the race turned back and came near him and all of them lifted him and took him over the finishing line. People around came and congratulated the whole boys team applauding their act. Literally everyone’s eyes filled with tears.

Guys this was an incident occurred in a mentally challenged children’s school…..all the students are disabled in one or the other aspect.

But I think we are disabled because we don’t have this kind of great humanity inside us as it’s filled up of egos, hat redness and selfishness. We just think about our success or our victory but not about others isn’t?? They are far ahead than us in many aspects. It’s clear from the slogan below “we have abilities not disabilities”

There are many disabled persons in below poverty line category. Many NGOs are helping these kind of people. Anyways where ever possible in our small ways let’s help. It’s one among the dreams of my life to help the handicapped.

It’s estimated that 3 out of every 100 people are born with some type of mental or physical disability, but yet our society has not yet learned how to deal with this population. Perhaps it’s because some of the public doesn’t know how to treat these people. The next time you happen to see someone who is mentally/physically challenged, smile at them, say hello and let them know they are an important part of our society.

Let’s do a bit in helping the handicapped/disabled ones.

Not for the reason that they are helpless…..help them for the reason that they can do wonders with cooperation…”

ramanujan ……….\raam/



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4 responses to “We have abilities not disabilities

  1. sachin

    nice blog maga……………just thought and written in 35 min!!!!superb ley……..keep it up:)

  2. I will do my best in making it to your expectation level……
    thanks harish for those inspiring words..:) 🙂

  3. Harish

    You r back with a bang…great msg to all of us..
    as usual typical writing wid a very good flow..hope 2 read a blockbuster from u on d first day of next year..keep blogging..

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