Are we irrigating the roots of corruption???

The condition is getting worse here in Karnataka which was earlier at least favorable to live. It’s being named the next Bihar from the media and press all over country. It’s hampering the brand Karnataka, which has got a respected and prestigious history. The outlook magazine’s latest edition quoted Karnataka as “INDIA’S most corrupt state????

This is possibly the best gift from our politicians and corrupt people to the honest people of state on the eve of Kannada rajyotsava. The MLAs are selling themselves for crores of rupees. They have completely forgotten about the platform they have been provided to serve people in search of their personnel comfort. If these people are really into this just for making money why can’t they get into business??……Then they will be at least respected for being a billionaire rather than being suspect of corruption. Even though there are honest people in politics, they are very few.

Moreover  we the citizens (aam admi) of the state/country are responsible for electing these corrupt people. Many of citizens have even forgotten that it’s their right to vote. Some sell their vote for money and others vote the representative of their religion/caste. These small things lead into handing the leadership to an incapable person.

The Indian media is doing a decent job of keeping a continuous track of everything around. But some of the Medias are just eying the TRP rating over well being of the country. Some responsible media is doing their job to perfection.

Some of the remedies to these unending problems are

—>We the Youth of country need to act to the situation properly and take responsibility by these corrupt and ruthless politicians.

—>Army retied officials and honest people served in different sectors for the country need to be given ticket and preference in all elections.

—>The uneducated and people who are just for power shouldn’t be given the power at higher levels. And moreover let’s vote for the right and responsible candidate.

If all these remedies are too far from being practical, at least let’s make sure that we will not end up as a corrupt human being. Let’s stop irrigating the roots of corruption in our surroundings and do a bit in converting corrupt people to honest ones. It would be plain ruthless if I go and end up being a corrupt after asking everyone to be honest and trustworthy to the country. I am promising here by that in any case I will not end up being a corrupt in my whole life. As according to me “It is not enough to just write on an issue or on the hopelessness heaped on someone, one has to try and reach out to make a difference

Come let’s do a bit in building nation…..our NATION!!

ಎಲ್ಲರಿಗು ಕನ್ನಡ ರಾಜ್ಯೋತ್ಸವದ ಹಾರ್ದಿಕ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು- Proud to be a kannadiga

ramanujan ……….\raam/



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16 responses to “Are we irrigating the roots of corruption???

  1. Shambhu

    Ram, u have taken upon this current issue and made a good blog…:)
    Let me tell u one thing… Don u think most of ppl (atleast urban crowd) are aware of the measures u told…??
    Its just tht ppl arent following there conscious instead they are falling prey for some cheap political tricks.
    Everyone should come out of mass mentality and fill up the gap with induvidual responsibilty..:)

  2. Gautam PROUD INDIA

    Hi everyone…..
    As v al know wat d corruption and power s about… let’s not talk more and more it just creates d topic for group discussion.. and not d change… I’m not telling u all to come out and fight… just do wat is right.. for ex: take d media.. they will do everything to rise their TRP and they don’t show u d reality.In case of Commonwealth games one day they wrote and showed Kalmadi as d villain, other day as hero(after opening ceremony).. all should respect their profession and should do what is right according to their profession.. Lets start to do that.. then automatically the corruption will get minimised.. lets vote in every election for the right person who deserves to b their.. So how everyone can fight for d change.. ??

    I also thank Ramanujan for writing this blog.. For remembering our duties.. Today v all think only about studies,jobs,parties,enjoyment and all.. please do good to society.. If not please don’t do bad.

  3. vikram

    I Feel we wont get things done without coughing up money.Take for example passport itself,practical one of-course.I have couple of friends who paid some money and had their passport within 3 months, and there are some who are waiting from past 2 years just for police verification.If you need passport in next two months say.What would you do?

    • I know we need to pay money to the officials to get it done when we need it urgently no other option…
      WE need to convert these corrupt people and if not possible change them….
      As we don’t have any power to do so….i am just trying let’s stop encouraging corruption and start informing about these with the media and press….at least then it will start reducing….

  4. Rakshita Kolhar

    A blog that stands out for being practical.. I liked the title n the way its been written.. Ur take on politicians becoming businessmen was a good one too.. great job. congrats 🙂

    • If a single corrupt man learns what his responsibility is and transform himself into a honest person. This post’s wish and dream come true……hoping for the best
      thanks rakshita….:) 🙂

  5. Harish

    Lets break the silence & take a solid stand on these issues..its high time to redeffine ourselves and the system…
    truely an eye-opener..good one bro..
    Keep blogging..

  6. praveen

    A very practical one . Wish this article of your’s will make at least a few people to learn their responsibilities to being a right citizen.

  7. Thousif Ahmed

    Good one bro.. I just want to add one sentence,
    “Be the change you want to see in the world…”:-)

  8. Raj Mudaliar

    Hi Ramanujan,

    Its encouraging to see that you are burdened with the plight of our state/country and the levels of moral deterioration amongst our politicians.

    We need righteous people of integrity to take on strategic positions of influence in government, business, education, media & arts and entertainment.

    The youth and every citizen of this great nation need to be more proactive and responsibly participate in building the future of this country.



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