Everlasting LAST bench memories

After almost 12 months my blog is getting updated. Thank you for your lovely messages, emails and phone calls for my absence. It means a lot to me. As I was little busy in so called corporate life couldn’t make time to write.

Around five years ago when I stepped in “Namma Bengaluru” to do my engineering. By that time this city has become an integral part of my life.

Engineering days was one of the best days of my life. I spent it being lazy, being uncertain, being curious and most of all being happy. Here come my wonderful experiences I had in those 4 beautiful years.

September 3rd 2007

My first of engineering I was with a lot of excitement, adrenaline rushes and curiosity. It was a new start to me as I was just out of my boarding school after seven long years. New place, new people, and different environment, everything was new.

It was a cloudy morning and my watch displayed 6.45 am. Sun looked dull as if he was equally lazy as me. In middle of majestic bus stop I was anxiously waiting for 226N bus. Finally got into the bus with lots of struggle, with lot of people around what we call in Standard English as crowd.  Indeed practically understanding why Darwin had come up with “struggle to existence” theory. Coming from a small town whose population is half of the population of a Bangalore single area. I had been to Bangalore lot many times before but never lived here for more than a month. So I couldn’t get to see that much of Bangalore in those times. After an hour or so I reached Kumbalgodu, place where my college “Don Bosco Institute Of Technology” was situated. At that time many used to think it doesn’t belong to Bangalore only Forest Gumps live there. But nowadays people who watch the movie Forest Gump live there meant it’s developed a lot now.

It was 8.00, the only day of my engineering life when I had been so early to college. Mine was ‘F’ section, first period CCP. A lady came inside and started to teach CCP. As normal my instinct of speaking to strangers got me going. I asked the guy beside me.

“What’s she’s teaching”. He replied saying ”Dude its CCP”.  Again I asked” What does that mean?”  He replied “Dude something called Computer Concepts and Programming and related stuffs I think”.  But he probably he missed out that I asked what exactly dude mean. Luckily he thought the other way around. There begun my transition from a small town boy to a guy of metropolitan city. We started to know each other started to depend on each other in other words we became friends.

The melodrama of internals, externals, theory and labs all started with in a blink of eyes. In First semester, aim was to get good marks. Then it went to get at least FCD, then first class and finally just pass. Thirty five was indeed a magical number we used to always keep an eye on. VTU was the only horror word that kept everyone nervous no matter where ever you are in.

Bunking was one of the most popular words following movies and NFS most wanted. Classrooms with people around 35 used to fetch attendance for at least 50 with an advanced feature called proxy. We used to be always busy in classrooms with multitalented attributes like chatting on cell with left hand, taking down the lectures in between from the other hand, continuously chit chatting among ourselves and acting as if we are listening to the lecture sincerely. Who says people who do multiple things at a time don’t succeed?? Didn’t we?

In between Microcontrollers, microprocessors and field theories, we created our own theories during exams. Getting a seat at the most prestigious last bench with full of pencil sketches was an achievement. It was the noted place as every question from lecturer used to strike there.

Years rolled on, attending fests, roaming around Bangalore, night outs before the day of exam became the most common of things. From Orkut to Facebook   everything changed. We attended classes once in a while when a feel of fear of getting detained due to low attendance used to cover our minds.

“From Next semester ill study properly” was the most common resolution around, which did remain in an imaginary world.  Hiding monthly marks cards, proving that AB is not absent but it’s a grade used to take lot of effort and acting.

Most of all I was very Lazy in those four fun filled years. Because engineering is in a way inspires the same. My mom being a teacher herself says I am very lazy and she haven’t seen anyone lazy like me in her entire career. I hear records are always broken but this one is still intact with me.

We scold and curse our College but at the end we miss it. As we have witnessed unforgettable experiences there. But now it’s all just memories.

In all of four years I learnt a lot from my friends. And from some good lecturers, as only few were inspiring and motivating. I owe a lot to everyone in one or the other way.

Especially I thank my best buddies who realized me that everyone can do something special. Even my act of writing blogs started there. I remember sending my first blog post to my friends, asking them is it good or can I write. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible.

Enjoy your moments because the same will never come back whether you spend it being happy or sad.

I dedicate this post to all my best pals.

Ramanujan  \raam/



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Be kind, Be polite and Be human….!!

5.25 am

The coldness was par above to describe and for a man who wakes up too early on a full moon day it’s very very tough. It’s one of those mornings when I think I am getting too lazy and see myself gained two more kilograms of weight. This leads me making a resolution of getting up early and jog in the morning. To be honest it doesn’t last more than couple of days from the day resolution made. As I was fully determined this time my mind was suggesting me to run but my body didn’t due to the cold weather.  Still respecting my mind’s orders gave a brisk start to my run up. Saw a bunch of old men who were walking in and around the park. After their little bit of hard work in their 100m walk they sat up on a bench in the park. Fortunately I stood nearby them doing my so called lazy exercises. They were very happy and were discussing a topic of their childhood. They were laughing loud remembering their good old days. I didn’t hear what exactly they were speaking. But listened to some in between when I used to relax after my exercises. The old man in the middle looked like a retired mathematics professor. Appeared little like the character of “John Nash” which Russell Crowe played in “The beautiful mind”. He got little emotional and started speaking “I am very happy with my life so far and I had all the experiences. Got love from people around and I lived my life the way I liked it . But my son didn’t understand that I was a good dad too. I loved him and when I started being proud for having such a son. He said that I don’t fit in his style of high living so he is not living with us anymore. Is this what I destined to be for making him a good man and a good citizen”? His friends started to console him saying it’s exactly what life is.  And they began with stating their own statements of life. I heard some of them, learnt some new things and took my way back.

Sending the parents to old aged homes have become a trend and what’s more disturbing is in a recent survey shows people who send their parents to old age homes have increased dramatically. And many stay away from their parents even though they stay in the same locality.

It disturbed me a lot. I had lived my most of years with my grandparents. In fact to be honest till today am more attached to my grandma and grandpa.  How can there be man who doesn’t bless his son with the love of his grandparents. A kid expects a person who is patient enough to be with to answer his stupid questions. He expects someone to interestingly listen to his boring pencil/toy stories from his school. A Father is the busiest person in the home he can’t fill it and mom’s busy convincing everyone. It has to be the old heads in the house.

A man/woman really gets his rebirth when he/she becomes a dad/mom. They spend their entire career to provide a life to their kids. Their dreams change from “I will become” to “my son/daughter will become”. Then when they get old they need to look at a photograph sitting in an old age home and say he used to be with us, he used to call me dad, he was my son.

If your parents doesn’t reside with you or away from you. Who will teach your children how to be patient?  To love in the face of anger, and to develop compassion, gentleness, and respect for old people. Who will tell them stories, and spend time talking to them, holding their hand, laughing and joking with them. How they will learn that death and dying is a natural part of life and living, and that sometimes we lose ourselves in the process. Most of all who will teach your children what life is in a gentle way, that you learnt it from your grandparents and parents.

Please stop sending your parents to old aged homes. Revert back the love in their old age that your parents showed towards you in your young age.

Don’t spend all your life just earning a piece of paper to gain comfort. It’s necessary but without your parents who made you what you are today, money will be of no use. Gain the comfort of love through gentleness. Respect your parents, love your parents.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Respect old people, Be kind, Be polite and Be human.

  I heartily thank my readers for their phone calls, messages and emails for being absent for a while in my blogging site. It means me a lot. I will keep on blogging, I was busy and lazy just like one of you.

ramanujan ……….\raam/


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“Navodaya”….a kNowlegible Nest for the Nightingales

This October 23rd 2011 our “Apna JNVB” is celebrating 25 years.  We all are excited and enthusiastically waiting for the silver jubilee function. My stay in JNV Balehonnur consisted 7 beautiful years of my life and I cherish each and every moment of it. I laughed, cried, crumbled, stood up to situations, I learnt, I taught , I won, I lost, and most of all I lived my life with making great friends. The following is an incident of my life in navodaya. And I have tried to reply all those who ask what special with your navodaya??.  It’s quite lengthy but I have made sure it will not bore you while reading.

Couple of years back,

It was a lousy Friday and I was perfectly prepared to go to birur for a two day off. I was waiting for the intercity train in Yeswanthpur railway station. Like never before I was 25 minutes early from the train timings. I was alone standing in a corner of the platform reading a weekly magazine. A guy walked towards me looking suspiciously and thinking as though he has seen me before. He was continuously staring at me scratching his cerebrum for something, which I too didn’t get. After some time finally he made his mind to come up to me and clarify his doubts.

He said “are you from JNV Ckm?” Happydent smile on my face “Yes am “.

He replied “am your junior “and started telling many of my batch mates names. The only worst part of it was even after so many names his lip movements didn’t suggest that he has got my name.

After around 10 to 12 names he asked my name saying I have forgot yours? When your junior comes up to you and start recognizing many of your classmates and not you? –This feeling can only be felt not expressed in words. After hearing my name he started thinking again and suddenly like Archimedes’s eureka he uttered “chicken pox patient”.  That word brought back smiles on my face. I felt like an Indian cricket player ignored from a series then called back for the next one. After few minutes train arrived and we both departed.

History behind  “Chicken pox patient”- Probably I guess just three or four days before my 2nd PU board exams should start, small kind of skin rashes started occurring on my body. Due to physics exams being the first my brain has already had rashes of Physics. This was an addition to that. Immediately I left JNV and went to CKM to seek a doctor with my family. After some treatment it was found chicken pox which had attacked me. With a wonderful treatment in ckm by Dr Chandrashekar, he inspired me like anything before. Came back to navodaya and reported with the nurse madam as it was a contagious disease. I was transferred to the guest house. I was isolated from everyone and made to live alone. Being together for seven years and at the crucial time living alone was quite disturbing. It was in front of my physics madam’s house. She was also worried as it was physics exam first. Only people I had around was physics madam (Mrs. Rekha Ashok), Ashok Sir and their two beautiful children alek and avinash.  Even though I would have got food from the mess, she had informed the authorities that she will take care of my food intake. She used to cook and take care of me in between her hectic schedule. In between all these she used teach me physics and kept on motivating me to come out of this disease hangover and perform well. I was never ever motivated so well in my life than in those 20 days. Her sons used to be always with me playing and trying out different pranks. Ashok sir used to come and motivate me always to stay out of the embarrassment of having a disease during board exams. Only thing I remember doing was sleeping a lot and have couple of checkups daily. But the inspiration and great support from Rekha madam and Ashok sir made me courageous to perform well despite of all these things. They taught not only physics but lot more about life. She is the best teacher I have ever learnt from in my entire life. It will fall short if I express my gratitude towards them in just words. Like the quote below

One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind”.  I had never got 90+ marks in physics exams in my entire life but she made me to get that in my final exams.

As the days of exams passed my entire subject teachers came to me and clarified my doubts.  Especially Uday nayak Sir, Madhusudhan Sir, vijaya madam, Chidanand Sir and the great Mahesh Sir. My maths sir mahesh was never affected by chicken pox, so he used to have an antibiotic to just come to me and teach. I am grateful to every one of them and will be in my entire life.I don’t think in any of the high paid boarding schools or in country’s prestigious residential schools you have a treatment like this when you are down with a disease during your board exams.

One of the best government initiatives till date is to build Navodaya.  It is a unique place and a tailored made one for one for students to spend their beautiful life. Thanks to Rajeev Gandhi for creating it.

I am determined to give back to my school what I have learnt in all the possible ways in the coming years.

“Navodaya” a word that brings joy and happiness to my life.  Very happy and proud to be a part of it.

A year for my blog as it started in march 2010, this was the 13th post. Thank you all for your fabulous support and advices.
ramanujan ……….\raam/


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When our weakness gonna help us then why not our strengths?

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. Knowing ourselves is the first thing we need to do when we get into corporate lives. Here is my views on strength and weakness……….have a read.

From the time I have started schooling I hardly remember a teacher who didn’t had a word about my handwriting. It all started from 2nd standard. As till that time every one of us was busy learning how letters and alphabets would be and it’s representations. After that I got an awesome response to my handwriting.  Many even told mine as the worst they have seen in their entire life. And they even said it’s very hard to pass SSLC with the kind of calligraphic talent I had. I tried my best to make mine as the “best- it didn’t” then to “Good- it too didn’t” then had to negotiate with bad and worse. Even though after writing thousand pages of copywriting it stayed the same as before. For some years I used to enjoy the publicity all though it was in a negative way. After that many around me started understanding my writings rather than complaining. It made my life little better.

Handwriting-It still remains one of my weaknesses from past 15 years. Being as a part my life it had even made me feel happy sometimes as well.

Following is an instance in which my handwriting became my strength to handle the situation…

It was just 5 days we had been to Madhya Pradesh Navodaya (JNV BoHANI). As part of the routine there ragging had begun with me and Prathap being called to senior’s room. We didn’t know what they were calling for??  Only thing we knew was there’s goanna be a work. One among them gave us a new record book and a Biology textbook with instructing us to write few pages of them in the record. Thinking that we are going write neatly and he can fetch good marks in record from the same. I tried my best to convey that I don’t have the best of the handwriting. But they didn’t believe saying “we have heard your names being spoken by couple of teachers surely you both are goanna have good handwriting”. In spite of arguing we left the room as I knew clearly that he is going to have an experience of my talent within few days. Mine was bad I decided it to make it even bad and the result turned out to be the worst.

After some days..

I was happily having roti at the Mess. Many came in search of saying “I had been called by the senior with my biology notes immediately”. Within a span 2 Rotis over seven came and told the same. I knew the exact reason and took my notes and walked towards his room with head held high. I moved till his room entrance as a hero. Later my body actions resembled a comedy actor bending my back fearing to their huge physiques. He snatched my notebook and saw the unique scripts of mine and got to know my talent (late realization). Finally he came to know my hard work and dedication in the field of calligraphy. Then he shouted at me saying why didn’t you tell that day only? After some useless conversation he handed his record to me saying “I’ll get a new record you only keep this ..!! “. After this incident none of them gave me anything to write throughout my stay there. They kept concentrating on others for completing their records. My weakness had turned out to become my strength there.

This story wasn’t meant promote my experience or my earlier life. It was just meant to say” The strength of a person is often weighed by how they deal with their weaknesses” .

It’s better to adapt to our own weakness if it doesn’t get better after so many attempts. So that it allows us to improve our strengths and achieving something great in the field which suits us. Moreover weakness doesn’t over shadows thousands of your strengths if do adapt and continue rather than struggling to overcome a single weakness.

The most common thing we do while heading up to interview is to prepare for the questions regarding our strengths and weakness. We do often don’t tell the truth to interviewers by saying “poor at lying” and “taking responsibility” as our weaknesses to impress them. It’s the best thing we could do as truth has preferably lost its value between increasing Gold and Silver Rates. And to talk about strengths “the most googled sentences about strengths becomes ours in minutes and gets our own touch. Its part and parcel of life as we do it to survive among the best. But to succeed we need to recognize both our strength and weakness. Weakness needs to be treated and strength needs to be appreciated. Both of them together define our lives. Giving much importance to our strengths makes us successful despite of many weak points.

Who asks sachin questions about technology and APJ abdul Kalam about cricket. Isn’t ??.

I need to thank the person who discovered this print media and digitalized it otherwise no one would have read my articles if it had been in my own handwriting…..

thanks for reading

ramanujan ……….\raam/


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My Resolution for new year 2011

We are all looking forward for a wonderful year to fulfill our dreams. Let’s utilize this precious moment to build ourselves and make necessary changes which are necessary in life to be on top.

Whenever we are looking forward to a New Year only two things will be stuck in our mind. Obviously they are parties and resolutions. As we all know we are not considering the latter one as important as the first one. The solution is not just making a resolution it’s about fulfilling it completely without any compromise. The perfect solution is to analyze ourselves about the weakness and strong aspects we have. And based on the results of them let’s make resolutions accordingly. No matter what the time says or day says you are the only person responsible for your success all others play an anchor role that’s all.

Below here my words speak about a resolution….hope it helps any one of you !!

Whenever I try to recollect those beautiful memories of my childhood I only get some major incidents and moments which were special. What really I miss is those kiddish moments when I used to think having a hero pen was as great as having a Porsche Car. The pride I used to carry while carrying a hero pen and all these moments are remembered only after scratching my cerebrum for long time but still I don’t get the mentality I used to be and state of my mind in my childhood. When I was around 12 years of age I thought taking up writing diary as a New Year resolution. But it didn’t last for more than 3 to 4 days. After Jan 5th resolution was broken and was thinking to take up this the coming year as a resolution. This continued for so many years. But this time it will not remain as just a resolution but it would be a part of my routine. I need all you people to join in and take up writing diary as a resolution.

As we all know life is live each and every moment and enjoy it. No one stays here more than 100years let’s make the time worth and moment we lived worthy as well. A page daily about our day in diary marks our steps of life. When you look back and see after some years it will be a worth read. You can recollect your sad, happy and precious moments. Moreover we find our way of thinking and taking things around is different from time to time. Memories are precious we need to preserve it. We only build our life style according our career requirements in between which we forget to live our life. We may find watching a BMW exciting in some of the age and years later owning it becomes common when you earn enough money. To enjoy all these precious moments take a resolution of writing a page of diary daily. Which also improves your memory power and makes you think of the things occurred twice which gives you a brighter insight towards some sensible matters.

Am starting to write a page for a day it’s one of my resolutions for 2011. Hope you people too join and take this resolution and make our lives memorable.

A Happy new year to all my readers…..thanks for your fantabulous support in 2010 hope it continues in 2011 as well.

ramanujan ……….\raam/


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We have abilities not disabilities

This article is about an incident occurred in Bangalore recently. I heard the incident and learnt a lot from it. Hope you people too like it and learn from it. Even though I was not a part of the incident I will narrate it in my own style……..

It was a normal Sunday but memorable for many of the people around. The annual sports day of a school is always filled with excitement and enthusiasm. The similar condition was here and parents were excited more than children. The enjoyment was par above all ages even the people in 60s were jumping by seeing their kids’ performances. Every kid got an equal amount of support whether he wins or loses. Here it was a bit strange as participation was considered as a victory. Unlike in some places where we see winning and losing as DO OR DIE.

Till afternoon the field events and group games were held.      At 4pm running events kicked off with girls 100m. The next was boys 100m, infact it was considered as the main event. It was the last event of the evening. The race started with a whistle and waving flag.  At the midpoint a guy fell off due an obstacle from a stone.

In normal cases what happen??? The guy whose is in the front wins the race and come with others and shake the hands with the fellow whose was down and consolidate him right..

But here it didn’t happen.

As soon as the guy fell down everyone in the race turned back and came near him and all of them lifted him and took him over the finishing line. People around came and congratulated the whole boys team applauding their act. Literally everyone’s eyes filled with tears.

Guys this was an incident occurred in a mentally challenged children’s school…..all the students are disabled in one or the other aspect.

But I think we are disabled because we don’t have this kind of great humanity inside us as it’s filled up of egos, hat redness and selfishness. We just think about our success or our victory but not about others isn’t?? They are far ahead than us in many aspects. It’s clear from the slogan below “we have abilities not disabilities”

There are many disabled persons in below poverty line category. Many NGOs are helping these kind of people. Anyways where ever possible in our small ways let’s help. It’s one among the dreams of my life to help the handicapped.

It’s estimated that 3 out of every 100 people are born with some type of mental or physical disability, but yet our society has not yet learned how to deal with this population. Perhaps it’s because some of the public doesn’t know how to treat these people. The next time you happen to see someone who is mentally/physically challenged, smile at them, say hello and let them know they are an important part of our society.

Let’s do a bit in helping the handicapped/disabled ones.

Not for the reason that they are helpless…..help them for the reason that they can do wonders with cooperation…”

ramanujan ……….\raam/


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Are we irrigating the roots of corruption???

The condition is getting worse here in Karnataka which was earlier at least favorable to live. It’s being named the next Bihar from the media and press all over country. It’s hampering the brand Karnataka, which has got a respected and prestigious history. The outlook magazine’s latest edition quoted Karnataka as “INDIA’S most corrupt state????

This is possibly the best gift from our politicians and corrupt people to the honest people of state on the eve of Kannada rajyotsava. The MLAs are selling themselves for crores of rupees. They have completely forgotten about the platform they have been provided to serve people in search of their personnel comfort. If these people are really into this just for making money why can’t they get into business??……Then they will be at least respected for being a billionaire rather than being suspect of corruption. Even though there are honest people in politics, they are very few.

Moreover  we the citizens (aam admi) of the state/country are responsible for electing these corrupt people. Many of citizens have even forgotten that it’s their right to vote. Some sell their vote for money and others vote the representative of their religion/caste. These small things lead into handing the leadership to an incapable person.

The Indian media is doing a decent job of keeping a continuous track of everything around. But some of the Medias are just eying the TRP rating over well being of the country. Some responsible media is doing their job to perfection.

Some of the remedies to these unending problems are

—>We the Youth of country need to act to the situation properly and take responsibility by these corrupt and ruthless politicians.

—>Army retied officials and honest people served in different sectors for the country need to be given ticket and preference in all elections.

—>The uneducated and people who are just for power shouldn’t be given the power at higher levels. And moreover let’s vote for the right and responsible candidate.

If all these remedies are too far from being practical, at least let’s make sure that we will not end up as a corrupt human being. Let’s stop irrigating the roots of corruption in our surroundings and do a bit in converting corrupt people to honest ones. It would be plain ruthless if I go and end up being a corrupt after asking everyone to be honest and trustworthy to the country. I am promising here by that in any case I will not end up being a corrupt in my whole life. As according to me “It is not enough to just write on an issue or on the hopelessness heaped on someone, one has to try and reach out to make a difference

Come let’s do a bit in building nation…..our NATION!!

ಎಲ್ಲರಿಗು ಕನ್ನಡ ರಾಜ್ಯೋತ್ಸವದ ಹಾರ್ದಿಕ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು- Proud to be a kannadiga

ramanujan ……….\raam/


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